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Have you noticed how the big brands are currently falling over themselves to simplify their websites? The era of adding whistles and bells is over, though of course getting the right balance of colour, graphics, content and imagery is still vital for website design.

The latest company to announce the launch of a parred down website, is UK car dealer Its spokesperson, David Hearns, has been quoted as saying: “The way that consumers search for cars is constantly evolving, so it’s important that our site does too.”

So why is stripped-back and straight to the point now in vogue?

Rise of mobile internet use

Much of the rational behind creating a simpler website lies in the fact that mobile phones are now predominant in internet usage.

In the case of, the company reported that 56% of the visits to its website in February 2018 were smartphones. Back in the same month in 2016, that figure was 42%.

Tech savvy and cynical consumers

The rise of mobile technology is not the only driving influence on website design over the last two years. In a nutshell, consumers have become more immune to smoke and mirrors, and more distrusting of companies who are too “slick”.

Developments such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation are all adding to heightened public awareness of new imperatives from websites. Tech savvy consumers demand transparency, accountability and websites that add value or inform. Anything too flowery or overly “clever” can be viewed with deep suspicion.

Modern consumers also have shorter attention spans, not least as they are bombarded on all sides by digital content.

Ease of use beats design for design’s sake

Websites with impact also tend to be the ones that are quickest to load and easiest to navigate. Modern websites need to be as user-friendly as possible. This can require thorough and constant testing, and careful monitoring of how visitors engage with every element of your website.

It also requires that you have an outstanding product or service in the first place of course. And that needs to be immediately apparent to your target audience. The artistic, surreal and sometimes bizarre marketing and website content of the past is increasingly disappearing. Your audience want your USPs up front and obvious, from the second they land on your home page.

However, having a more simplified and direct website doesn’t have to mean dull! Call us at In2orbit for a well designed and configured website for all devices, that gets your product or service maximum exposure.

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