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Marketing has a history of being a fast-paced industry, but in the last 10 years digital marketing has really taken off. The rise in popularity of social media platforms and search engines has led to millions of advertisements competing for the limelight.

Struggling return on investment

The tough world of digital advertising is facing new challenges, with many companies struggling to achieve worthwhile ROI figures. An increasing number of consumers are using ad blockers to filter the content they view, with a PageFair report stating ad blocking increased by 30% between 2015 and 2016.

Potential of augmented reality

As augmented reality enters the mainstream digital marketing world, it is a source of great potential advertising opportunities, which are yet to be tapped into. Augmented reality has already been used successfully by Coca-Cola for their AR campaign which celebrated Chinese New Year. Although, other companies are quickly starting to experiment such as Volkswagen and Starbucks.

Effectiveness of augmented reality

The technology is still in its infancy, so many consumers see the campaigns as fun and engaging, rather than a traditional form of advertising which people are becoming intolerant to. In 2016, Pokemon Go used augmented reality to build a game with huge advertising potential. The game was very popular and several high-profile companies such as McDonald’s and Starbucks partnered up.

Current technology

Companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are quickly developing devices and software, which are set to hit stores in the near future. It is expected that wearable augmented reality technology will be very popular, with a vast amount of interest surrounding products like the Intel Vaunt and the HoloLens from Microsoft.

Future of augmented reality

The biggest difference in using augmented reality for advertising is that there are no traditional display adverts. To benefit from this technology, companies will need to design interactive content which engages target consumers and allows them to view 3D content. The changes for the world of digital marketing may seem difficult to digest, but it is an exciting new era with many new opportunities.

Augmented reality ads might only be for those with huge marketing budgets at present, but that doesn’t mean your marketing campaign can’t be fun and innovative. Get in touch with us at In2Orbit to find out more.

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