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It doesn’t matter how revolutionary, exciting or life-changing your product is – if you’re relying on plain packaging and little advertising to sell your prototype to partners, or product to buyers, then you’re far less likely to get the word out about what you’re selling. Or make it the success that years of prototyping and perfecting deserves.

It’s not just enough to make a great product – you’ve got to have a great brand to go with it. Here are just a few reasons that great graphic design is key when it comes to prototyping your products and gauging consumer reaction.

Packaging sells

Whether your product is on a shelf at the supermarket or sold online through retailers, there’s no doubt that it is being compared to multiple other products that are similar to what you’re offering; and when it comes to picking between different items, having a design that is both eye-catching and aesthetically appealing can encourage customers to pick up what you’re selling first. Having a great product is only half the battle.

Create realistic prototypes

If you’re looking for partners or investors for a prototyped product, then having more than just statistics to win them over can be vital in securing funding. People are visual by nature – and having a better approximation of what a product could look like, as well as what it can do, can be the difference between getting that green light or being turned down for something else.

Stay on-brand

When introducing a new product to a line or just to the family of items you sell, if you already have an established customer base that you want to take advantage of, staying on-brand and being easily recognisable is key. Taking advantage of graphic design when you’re prototyping a product can also help you see which packaging within your brand is most effective for your product based on testing feedback – from the choice of colour to the name of the product itself.

If you’re looking to produce graphic designs for an upcoming product, or your brand is in need of a refresh, then we can help. Contact us today to discover how we can make prototyping a smoother and easier process.

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