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Graphic design used to be the tool of advertising and brand experts for products that you could buy in a store. Its reach is expanding though, and now graphic design can be found just about everywhere around us.

The influence of graphic design is in all areas of our life; from the typography on our public transport systems to the typeface in our newspapers and magazines to the films we watch and the buildings we walk through.

We can see graphic design inspiration in everything from film and photography to fashion, art, and architecture through to product design and everything else in between.

Graphic design is everywhere

More and more graphic designers can influence and work with other creatives; such as film makers, photographers and artists, leading to not only beautiful pieces of art, architecture and fashion photography but also cutting edge graphic design that is widely accessible.

Design in art

In art, the combination of artistic creativity, commercial branding and design can bring together truly beautiful creations.

One example is Haus de Kunst, a contemporary art museum in Munich that Base Design have worked with, to produce a clear brand identity for the museum. Using stretched words in their logo, posters and other branding, Base has created a fluid energy to the graphics.

Design in photography

Photography creatives can also lead on design. Hunger Magazine is one example, created by The Full Service; a group of photographers, directors and creatives based in London. Hunger showcases cutting edge design in its pages.

Photography and strong graphic design come together in Hunger, to create a truly inspirational and design led publication.


Fashion is very trend led, as is graphic design. Fashion and graphic designers are always looking for inspiration and new ideas, but graphic designers tend to steer away from short lived trends in other areas of work.

When combined with fashion though, graphic design is able to focus on trends. This is highlighted with the Nike campaign that was created by Hort. The combination of fashion and graphic design gives a licence to the studio to create a design that leads and is at the forefront of those trends, rather than following behind.

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