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Every client wants to know how they can get the best from their graphic designer. Here are some tips to making the working relationship as productive and valuable as possible.

1. Have a clear brief

It’s vital that you know what you want from your designer before you commission the work. Establish a clear brief with fixed parameters to ensure that work isn’t wasted. For example, know whether you want the resulting piece to be print-ready or simply available for digital use and have the content ready and signed off before you hand it over.

2. Agree time frames

It’s very easy to try to push work through at a pace, but unrealistic time frames will simply mean that you don’t get the best quality work that a more realistic timeframe would allow for. Allow for adequate time and the resulting work will be exactly what you want to see.

3. Share examples and brand guidelines

If there are items of work that you particularly like, then share them with your designer. This will give them a clear idea of the sort of design treatment you are looking for. Equally, if you have brand guidelines, then make sure your designer gets them before they begin work as this will ensure that the resulting piece is completely on-brand. This is particularly vital if the designer is new to your brand and company and not yet familiar with the design elements needed.

4. Ask questions

A good working relationship thrives on honesty and open communication. Yes, your designer is the creative lead and you are commissioning their skills accordingly, but if you aren’t sure about an image, a colour or another element of the final artwork, then ask about it and find out the rationale for its use.

5. Give clear feedback

It’s normal for a piece of design draft work to go through an amend stage to make tweaks before it is signed off. Try to make your feedback as clear and concise as possible as this allows the finalisation period to be completed quickly and efficiently. Once you have achieved sign off, it will be ready to print or to circulate!

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