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Graphic designing is by no means a perfect science. Like any creative endeavour, obtaining the perfect website design is an elusive skill that can sometimes be put down to mere luck or trial and error. Having said this, there are a few cardinal sins that every graphic designer must avoid, whether they are designing a whole website or a simple company logo. The following are just a few that should be avoided:

1. Font issues

Many of us will remember the joy we got out of experimenting with fonts when we were first learning to use Microsoft Word. However, when it comes to graphic design, finding an appropriate font is absolutely key to the success of a piece of work. Designers should make sure to avoid using too many fonts, as this can look unprofessional and be hard on the eyes. It should also go without saying that poor old Comic Sans should be avoided like the plague!

2. Overusing stock images

Stock images certainly have their uses, particularly for marketing professionals who need to keep a constant stream of inoffensive images that are easy on the eye. However, graphic designers should use stock images with caution. First of all, it is likely that the images will have been used by someone else before, making the design less original than one may have hoped. Secondly, stock images often have a look and feel that makes it very obvious they are stock images. Be proactive and whip your camera out if you want some truly original photographs.

3. Spelling and grammar issues

This should go without saying, really, but it is an important one to remember. Graphic designers with a less than perfect grasp of the English language should get someone else to double check for any mistakes. An error can end up looking very silly!

4. Relying too heavily on design trends

While following design trends can make pieces look cutting edge and modern, it is important not to follow them too religiously. Every client and job has a different set of requirements that often don’t align with new trends. A little originality never hurt anyone, after all.

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