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When it comes to marketing and promoting a product or service, graphic design has come a long way from the days of cluttered design and complicated imagery. We’ve evolved to develop smart, witty and sometimes even philosophical imagery and campaigns, advertising anything from soft drinks to cars. But when it comes to making an impact, simple is usually the best answer.

Here are just three reasons why simple design is better when it comes to making a point with your advertising.

1. Get to the point

In comparison to advertising that’s trying to say too much, using simple graphic design allows you to make one statement, and make it well. If you want your message for a campaign to have a specific point, then opting for simple design allows you to shout that message loud and clear. Trying to sell your product with too many selling points can confuse and alienate your customers, especially those who aren’t yet sold on your product. Opt for a clear statement, and you’ll soon be converting leads into sales.

2. Create impact

Go big, or go home. If you want to create impact with your messaging, over-complicating your design with sentences, text or countless additional features can dilute what you want to say. If you want your sales practices to be straightforward and simple for your customer, your advertising should be the same. A simple design allows you to focus on the essential things, without confusing your message with other taglines, imagery or text.

3. Be recognisable

Nothing makes your brand stand out more than a unique, easily recognisable image. Simple design isn’t just about creating campaigns that focus on what’s important – it’s also about simplifying your brand identity so it can be applied to multiple different mediums and campaigns. If your customers can know your brand with a single glance, you know that your design is successful.

If you’re looking for graphic design that adds impact to your brand, then in2orbit might be the right fit for your business. Contact us today to discover how we can make simple design convert into sales for your business.

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