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Getting your business website design just right is important for any thriving company and keeping up with innovation in website design helps ensure websites remain fresh and relevant. There is nothing worse than a slow, out-of-date website constantly harming your business. Some of the website design trends proving popular in 2018 include:

Web animation

Adding animation to your website gives a touch of personality and humour to your brand image, making it stand out from competitors. Use of animation is also a great way to convey complex ideas in an engaging and informative manner. Some of the most popular 2018 animation trends for websites include logos and GIFs. Animation can really transform sites when done well, however, you do need to give careful consideration to planning as it’s important you don’t simply add animations for the sake of it.


2018 is a good year for the use of more powerful typography. Helvetica has been popular for a while now, but 2018 is seeing a rise in serif and san-serif pairings which work well together. Improvements in the resolution of user devices has made legibility and clarity less of a problem for mobile users, so designers are making great steps forward in the addition of personality and drama to typography, and also creating custom fonts.


Since 2017, the incorporation of illustrations into website design has proved popular with a number of brands and this trend looks set to continue through 2018. Custom created drawings can add life to dry content and are a great tool for the presentation or explanation of difficult information. Use of illustrations also gives personality to any website. Illustrations can be presented in different sizes, styles and shapes and won’t reduce the functionality of website designs so they are perfect design elements to enhance user experience.

Use of AI

As the use of chatbots becomes more commonplace, many website designs are adapting to this form of conversational interface to make AI seem a natural and invisible aspect of the site. Additionally, website designers are working hard to create intelligent websites which convey a sense that AI is in use by making good use of context within the digital visitor experience.

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