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The elements of creative design

Great design gets results. It has the power to inspire and change people’s minds. Our approach to graphic and web design is all encompassing. It’s not about creating memorable brand identity or response driven literature or highly effective websites – it’s about all of these things and much more.

At In2orbit we understand that the first element in our design process is you. What you do, what you aim to achieve, who the competition is and who your customers are. Whether for print, online, or a coordinated balance of both, we think very carefully about how we’ll achieve your finished product.




Anyone can grow a Hipster beard and claim creativity. But it takes more than wacky facial hair to turn ideas into genuinely useful and valuable solutions for clients. It takes skills, experience, know how and, above all, an open mind and a down to earth attitude.

If you can muster all that, the sky‘s the limit (and the beard’s optional).


Whatever business you’re in, great service comes down to the same basic principles: being personable, keeping your promises, attention to detail, a willingness to go the extra mile (within reason!).

Sounds prosaic, but it’s all too rare.


Which would you prefer? A job well done for a fee that has a built-in London weighting. Or the same job done just as well for a fee with no London weighting.

Mmmm… a bit of a no-brainer that one.

Practice safe design: Use a concept.

– Petrula Vrontikis
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