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Whether for print, online, or a balance of both, we think very carefully about how we'll achieve your finished product, often this means going beyond pure design.

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The elements of creative design

Great design gets results. It has the power to inspire and change people’s minds, or a whole market. Our approach to graphic and web design is all encompassing. It’s not about creating memorable brand id or response driven literature or highly effective websites – it’s about all of these things and much more.

We begin with you

At in2orbit we understand that the first element in our design process is you. What you do, what you aim to achieve, who the competition is and who your customers are – here is where we begin.

Beyond the obvious

Whether for print, online, or a coordinated balance of both, we think very carefully about how we’ll achieve your finished product and more often than not, this means going beyond pure design.

Properly crafted copywriting is hugely important and often neglected: yet here is the very content of a project, highlighting - or obscuring – your core messages.

The quality of your photography and illustration leaves a powerful imprint too – potential customers make buying decisions based on the look and feel of this imagery. The story is the same with print production. Techniques, paper stock, and finishing can all speak volumes about products and services – sending strong sensory messages about your brand and its attributes.

Naturally, Internet presence needs to be perfectly judged and promoted with precision. In a marketplace where every business big and small has a site, yours should be individual and a balance of form and multi-function.

Personal and approachable

in2orbit is not a big design agency. We don’t pretend to do everything in house. We think it’s much better to have a network of trusted experts who we can turn to for specialist help – copywriters, photographers and videographers for example. Equally, if you already have specialist contacts, then we’re happy to work with them. The point is we’ll accommodate the best people and resources, wherever they come from. We believe these are the elements of good design. See what you think.

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Touchstone Energy Management Services

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